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Someone stuck a plunger on the back of a chicken FOR SCIENCE.How do I get that job? Why was that career path never laid out for me when I was in middle school?


Someone stuck a plunger on the back of a chicken FOR SCIENCE.

How do I get that job? Why was that career path never laid out for me when I was in middle school?

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can we meet the”married ones” that live next door and can they please be played by vidar magnussen and bjarte tjøstheim


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Oh yeah, #gumbo to celebrate my first solo job? Sounds like a plan to me. #100happydays #day32

Oh yeah, #gumbo to celebrate my first solo job? Sounds like a plan to me. #100happydays #day32

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Steve Irwin in a Jaeger would be entertaining.

Look over there. There’s a Catergory 3 Kaiju. Biggest one yet. 

Ah’m gonna wrassle with it. 

#yeah but who’s his drift partner. a crocodile. just a crocodile. its not a special or humanoid croc its literally just a croc strapped in.


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Behind the scenes, Sherlock Holmes (2009).

What a beautiful, haunting photo.  There is a real underlying melancholy to both RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies, beneath all the fun and shenanigans — Holmes sees everything, and that is both a blessing (for his profession) and a curse (as a functioning human being).

He really is fantastic.

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benefits of being friends with me

  • shitty jokes whenever you ask for them
  • shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them
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drtrekwood replied to your photo“Can I go home?”

i felt this many times… ‘where are the bunsen burners?’ oh i dont know, maybe in the drawer marked ‘bunsen burner’??

today it was: "Where do I find <chemical>?"

I don’t know, maybe it’s in…

Oh god! I had a group do that in organic once. Oh that was fun. ‘hey, our solution isn’t boiling and it’s been on here for 20 minutes’ all I could do was shake my head and plug the hot plate in then walk away so bodily harm was not inflicted.

And another time someone unscrewed the bottom of their bunsen burner completely, so flames were shooting out both ends. Fun times…

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Cecil Gershwin Palmer, past and present.
I always have way too much fun with his 50’s clothes.

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24th CENTURY. WIXEN COLONIZING A DISTANT WORLD. THEIR SPELLCASTING ABILITIES DESTABILIZED BY CHANGES IN GRAVITY AND ATMOSPHERE. Wixen designing broomsticks adapted to extraterrestrial conditions. Devising entirely new theories of Astronomy based on new star charts. Discovering new minerals to use for potioneering.

But more importantly: Draco Malfoy waltzing into Europa’s first nightclub and complaining loudly that if his father had funded these so-called “scientists,” they’d have taken the trouble to synthesize decent scotch.


What about werewolfs? No moon so… other planets become a refuge for werewolfs b/c they don’t turn in the light of extraterrestial moons. In fact, the first colony on Titan is founded by werewolves.

OH MY GOD SPACE LYCANTHROPY. This is just… I mean… !!! And what if some of them are affected differently by an extraterrestrial moon. The children of Titan’s first colonists develop a sixth sense about one another that resembles a pack dynamic.

I wonder what would happen to owl post. and the Floo. and also DRAGONS IN SPACE

What about a Floo that runs through future-skype instead? A blend of electronic impulses and magic.

SPACE DRAGONS. Used to help speed up the terraforming process, literally, by heating up the atmosphere.

But what about species like Vampires and Gytrashes that can’t go out in the day? Moons of Saturn and Jupiter where they can live free of those problems because the nights literally LAST CENTURIES. Hell if they got out to the Asteroid belt alone they could just settle on the sides away from the sun, or the dark side of the moon, at least to a point. 

Also imagine Europa, the ocean beneath the ice colonised by Merpeople and Hippocampi and Icthyocentaurs and them making huge gorgeous ice palaces in the huge depths beneath the ice

Actually it would be amazing if social stigma among colonists was demolished so centaurs and merpeople et al. all started moving to Europa in droves and founded a sort of diverse utopia of ice fortresses and underwater cities and forest dwellings.

the changes in gravity and the different chemicals? in the air and earth and water etc might mean more anomalies like metamorphmagi and other such things? (building off the werewolf reply)

I wonder how that would affect Animagi, too. Imagine trying to transform into a terrier on Mars and suddenly finding yourself turning into what evolution would have made of the species there instead…

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Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running

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drtrekwood replied to your photo “Can I go home?”

i felt this many times… ‘where are the bunsen burners?’ oh i dont know, maybe in the drawer marked ‘bunsen burner’??

today it was: "Where do I find <chemical>?"

I don’t know, maybe it’s in the fume hood where the chemicals have been ALL SEMESTER. Did you check there?

also: "what do I do next?"



by year 2 of working as a ta, i just turned into a sarcastic ass hole. when asked where things were, i would do the ‘oh i dont know, maybe the *place* marked *thing*, where its alWAYS BEEN!?’ it was beautiful. and freaking them out by making them think the 0.01M HCl would burn their hands if it even sorta touched them. good times…

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did raul esparza just become a tumblr heartthrob overnight or 

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so are they EVER going to stop pretending Cas is spelt Cass or

Three weeks after Castiel moves into the bunker, Sam finally starts to look less frazzled. He’s sipping his morning coffee with his feet kicked up at the great table and casually scrolling through the news of the weird on his iPad when Dean wanders out of his room for breakfast. He only gives it a moment’s pause, while tying his robe closed, before he heads to the kitchen. He’s always happy to see when Sam actually looks relaxed in their home.

Cas is already sitting on the bench seat in the kitchen, he’s picking at a bowl of cereal with his spoon and looking slightly… pissed maybe? A little angry and a little sad.

True, it’s not his usual fare. It’s not banana bread, or eggs on toasted sourdough with tomatoes, or big fat muffins with coffee. Dean doesn’t think he’s ever seen Cas take breakfast so lightly.

"Can’t have it all, I guess," Dean mutters.

Cas looks up. “What?”

"Well, I’ve either got a happy you or a happy Sam, lately. I can’t seem to get both at the same time."

"Oh, yes," Cas gripes uncharitably, "I’m sure Sam’s very happy with himself right now.”

Huh. That’s not like Cas.

Dean rubs the sleep from his eyes and moves into family counselling mode. As soon as he’s poured himself some caffeine and maybe started throwing together something to eat he can—

He opens the fridge to a flurry of color.

It’s packed, as always. They’re three big guys, they go through a lot of food.

But now there’s little post-its fluttering on almost every bag and container and bottle in the refrigerator.

They are neon orange and some of them bright blue, like Sam ran out of the first color half-way through labelling everything. It was definitely Sam who did it, that’s his scrawl across each of the post-its. Different items with SAM and DEAN and CASS stuck to the front.

There are more for Dean than anyone else. He does the shopping, after all, and is sort of self-appointed King of the Kitchen.

There are plenty for Sam and a lot of the post-its with his name are stuck to the frou-frou-tofu crap and light beers that only he would want in the first place.

The fewest are labelled for Castiel.

Dean starts yanking the ones with his name off. “Cas, you can eat any of my stuff you want. Don’t listen to him.”

Cas doesn’t comment. Dean glances over his shoulder to see that Cas is still poking at the frosted biscuits in his bowl.

The mood lightens over breakfast as Dean shares some of his waffles with Cas, but Cas gives Sam a bit of the cold-shoulder for the rest of the day.

Dean pulls his brother aside at one point and tells him that if he’s gotta pull this stupid shit, he should just put post-its on the things of his that he doesn’t want Cas or Dean to touch. Sam shrugs, agrees.

And then, a few days later, another flurry of color as Dean walks into the bathroom.

The bunker has this huge room with showers and sinks, in the style of a gym or something, so they share the space between them.

It seems Sam has been through already this morning. Unfortunately, the humidity from the showers has left most the post-its floating around, face-down on the floor, so the different shave gels and shampoos and hair products and— fuck’s sake, there’s even post-its on the different stacks of towels!

Most of the items are still anonymous since the labels didn’t stick.

Dean’s standing there rolling his eyes for a moment and adding “ban Sam from going to Office Depot” to his mental to-do list when Cas comes up behind him, curious.

He scoots by Dean and picks up a few of the papers — the last of the blue and some new bright green ones — from the floor.

His shoulders slump when he turns them over to reveal three that say DEAN and one that says SAM and one that says CASS.

"This is ridiculous," Cas says, with real spite.

"Yeah. He’s going a little overboard with it," he scoots close and admits in a low voice, "I think he noticed I was stealing his shampoo but it just smells really good.”

Cas sighs.

The final straw seems to come at the end of the week. Dean and Cas come home from the grocery store to find the library littered with green and pink and yellow and purple post-its.

Cas and Sam get into it immediately. It’s kind of disturbing. Cas and Sam are basically the best geek friends that the world’s ever known. They agree on a lot, if not most things, and it’s disquieting to see them chewing each other out over something they love so much.

Cas points at an area of purple post-its. “First of all, Bobby found most of these, and I found all the ones over here! You can’t possibly divide the books between us, Sam! We all need to do research!”

"There are ones I need to reference all the time and you’re always bogarting them in your friggin’ bedroom! I search high and low for ‘em and I can never find them when I need them! And then him!” Sam points at Dean, “getting potato chip grease stains inside the Bergell Charm Directory and stuffing his stupid Hunger Games books into the spell tomes like we don’t know he’s reading them!”

"Hey!" Dean shouts, defensive.

"If you need a book you can ask me where it is, Sam!" Cas yells back.

"I shouldn’t have to ask! It’s—"

They’re very silent for a sudden moment.

Cas glares daggers. “Were you gonna say it’s your library? Is that what you’re getting at Sam Winchester?" he hisses.

Woah. Okay. This is getting scary. Dean steps between them. “No, that’s not what he said. This is DEFINITELY everyone’s library and we ALL have to use it. Both of you just calm down.”

"I’ll calm down when we can find where somebody left the Eymerich Grimorie,” Sam glares through Dean like he wants to open Cas up and see if the book rattles out of him.

"I’ll calm down when Sam learns to respect the people he lives with and stops accusing me of taking his useless crap,” Cas snaps.

Sam’s spine clicks him up to his full height all of a sudden. “If it’s all so useless why do you keep taking it?!”

"Dean was the one who used up your sprouts in a sandwich! He just doesn’t want to admit to knowing what sprouts are!" Cas shouts.

"How did you know that?" Dean’s drowned out by the yelling.

"And I’m not the one who labels a pile of wet towels under some random name because they can’t be bothered to do the laundry until it smells moldy!"

"Random name?" Sam and Dean both echo.

"MY NAME IS CAS!" Cas yells in their faces. He turns and flips a book closed to reveal the last of the stack of purple post-its. "Here, I’ll spell it for you:" and he writes on the post-it in black marker, C-A-S.

He rips it off the stack, turns, and slaps it on Dean’s forehead.

"Sea-aye-ess," Cas spells out, pointing to each letter as if Sam needs specific instruction. "One S. ONLY ONE S. I have no earthly idea where you’re getting that extra S from since there’s only a single S in C a s t i e l ,” he says, slow but loud, like he’s talking to someone who refuses to fucking learn.

"I don’t know any ‘Cass,’ he certainly doesn’t live here or I’m sure I’d have FUCKING MET HIM,” Cas snaps, throws the marker at the table so hard it skids off the other side, and marches away.

Dean crosses his eyes to look up at the post-it stuck above his nose.

Sam continues to look petulant but he knows he got his shit called out on the moldy towel situation. “Fine,” he shrugs stiffly. “One S,” he rolls his eyes like, wow, what’s the big deal.

Dean plucks the post-it off his face. “Hey, there really is only one S in Castiel, I mean, it makes sense.” He stares off in the direction Cas stomped off. “I’m actually pretty proud of him for, like, asserting his identity.”

Sam ticks a frown that would be agreement and admiration if he weren’t still being pissy.

He turns to leave the room, maybe go apologize.
But first he turns back.

"Cas labelled you for himself," he says to Dean. And smirks. And leaves.

Dean turns around the post-it on his thumb. “Huh.”

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I keep thinking oh man, I’m so immature. How am I allowed to be an adult.

Then I spend time with teenagers.

And it’s like, wow, okay, yeah. I am an adult. I am so adult. Look at me adulting all over the place.

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